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Get started with free & simple online auction software. Add your own items or select TravelPledge experiences. Then share your custom auction site with supporters! Quick is free & simple online auction software. Full DemoView a short but detailed demo of, free and simple online auction software for fundraisers.
Add a bank account to receive the funds you partners with Stripe to process payments and deposit net funds.
Configure auction settingsTake advantage of's features designed to maximize your auction proceeds.
Add auction itemsAdd donated items, fixed price items, cash appeals, and TravelPledge experiences.
Promote your auction to biddersDrive bidders to your auction site before and during your event.
Manage bids and more from the Bid ReportView, add, and void bids, export auction data, and track payments from the Bid Report.
Pricing and PayoutsLearn how much you'll receive from your online auction.
See how much you raised on each summarizes your auction stats and gives you an itemized breakdown.
Add TravelPledge experiences to your online's sister company TravelPledge partners with generous businesses to bring exciting vacations and more to your auction.
Promotion to the CommunityIf you have exclusive donated experiences that will appeal to a broad audience, we'll promote them to our national database of bidders.
Add categories to your auction itemsIf you have many auction items, categorize them for bidders to make browsing easier.
Print table flyers with QR codes to bidding pagePerfect for golf events, table flyers provide an in-person browsing experiences with online bidding.
Award an auction item to multiple winning biddersIf you have multiple copies of an auction item, you can award the item to multiple winning bidders.
Charge a winning bidder's credit cardAuction organizers may choose to require bidders to enter a payment method prior to bidding to ensure winning bidders pay.
Transition your online auction to in-person biddingTake online bids, then use the current high bid as the starting bid in your live in-person auction.
Add sponsor logos to your auction siteIf businesses sponsored your online auction, promote them to your bidders on your auction site.
Collect shipping fees on your auction itemsAdd a fee to winning bidders' invoices on items which need to be shipped to them.
Collect sales tax on your auction itemsThe location of your bidders and the item you are selling determine if you need to collect sales tax and remit it to your local government.
How to bid in WinningBidder.comInstructions for bidders for an online auction using