If you have multiple copies of an auction item, you can award the item to multiple winning bidders. Certain TravelPledge experiences can be sold multiple times at the same event, indicated by a 2X, 3X, etc. icon.

You have two options for awarding multiple winning bidders:

Option 1: List each copy on your auction site

This option is pretty straightforward. Simply add the same item twice (or more) into your auction. Bidding will be treated as if the two copies are two completely separate items.

It's possible with this option that the winning bidder of one copy pays significantly more than the winning bidder of the other copy, since the bids for each copy are independent from each other.

Note: This option is not available for TravelPledge experiences.

Option 2: Add an additional winning bidder after bidding closes

If your second, third, etc. place bidder(s) agree, you can award them the auction item for the price they bid.

  1. Add your auction item just once (or select a TravelPledge experience allowed to be sold multiple times). Then, take bidding as normal.

  2. After your event, click Bid Report from the Event Dashboard.

  3. Find the item for which you want to assign a second winning bidder and click Manage bids.

  4. Click the ... menu next to the bid you want to upgrade to a winning bid and click Mark as Additional Winner.

  5. Agree to the confirmation popup, after which your new winning bidder will be sent their invoice.

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