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Add auction items

Add donated items, fixed price items, cash appeals, and TravelPledge experiences.

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Add auction items to your event before or during your auction. Items you add are immediately visible on your auction site and eligible for bidding during your auction period.

  1. In your Event Dashboard, hover over Add Auction Item and choose the item type.

  2. Follow prompts to add your items, which will be immediately visible in your auction.

*TravelPledge experiences are available only to 501(c)(3) organizations.

Donated Auction Item

Donated auction items are items you want to include in your auction that you sourced outside of TravelPledge.

Cash Appeal or Fixed Price Item

Cash Appeals and Fixed Price Items are items that your supporters can commit to purchasing at a fixed price without bidding. A cash appeal is simply a request for donation, such as "Contribute $100 to our new playground."

Specify the quantity of each item you have available for purchase or check the box for unlimited quantity available in the case of a cash appeal.

TravelPledge Experience's sister site TravelPledge partners with generous business owners to source unique experiences for your auction. You'll always keep at least 40% of the winning bid and have no obligation if the item doesn't sell.

TravelPledge experiences are available only to 501(c)(3) nonprofits. To indicate you are a nonprofit, select nonprofit when configuring your Stripe account for payment processing.

Donated Item from Previous Event

Save time by importing an item from a previous event into your current event.

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