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How to bid in
How to bid in

Instructions for bidders for an online auction using

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Register to Bid

These instructions apply if you have never registered for any auction run on, regardless of the organization running the auction. Otherwise, sign in.

  1. Visit the auction site shared with you by the auction organizer.

  2. Click Register to bid.

  3. If you have a Gmail account, click Sign up with Google. Otherwise, click Sign up with email.

  4. If you chose Sign up with email, enter the requested information (First name, Last name, Email address, Password) and click Continue.

  5. If you'd like to receive outbid notifications via text (in addition to email), enter your U.S.-based mobile phone number. Otherwise, uncheck the box for Text me auction updates. Then click Register.

  6. If you entered your phone number, we'll text you a 5-digit code to verify you can receive messages. Enter your code and click Continue.

  7. If you did not enter a mobile number and you chose the Sign up with email option, we'll send you an email to verify your email address. Find the email in your inbox and click Confirm Email Address to verify your email address.

  8. Once you confirm either your phone number or email, you are ready to bid!

Place a Bid

Once you are newly registered or signed in with an existing account, you may place a bid.

  1. Browse items from the main auction page, using the filters and sorting options to find attractive items.

  2. Add any items you want to track to My Watchlist by clicking the heart icon. Any items you've bid on will automatically be added to My Watchlist as well.

  3. Click View Details and Bid to see the entire item description and photos.

  4. Enter your bid amount and choose whether to place the bid as an Exact Bid or Maximum Bid. Then click PLACE BID. Depending on the auction item, you may see a third option to "Buy it now for $$$" which allows you to pay a fixed price for the item and discontinue bidding for others. Items for which you "Buy it now" will be added to the invoice sent to you after the event.

  5. If the auction organizer chose to require a credit card to bid, you'll be prompted to enter your credit card information before your bid is recorded. Please note that the system will not charge your card after the event automatically. You will still have the opportunity to review your invoice before paying.

Pay Your Invoice

After the event closes, you'll receive an invoice for all the items you won (or for which you clicked "Buy it now for $$$". Review your invoice and remit payment. During payment, you may have the option to cover payment processing fees for the auction organizer and add an auction software contribution for for providing the software without a platform fee.

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