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Transition your online auction to in-person bidding
Transition your online auction to in-person bidding

Take online bids, then use the current high bid as the starting bid in your live in-person auction.

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Most events do not have the Transition to in-person auction setting enabled. Rather, at the online auction close time, automatically sends each winning bidder their invoice.

Suppose that you want to accept online bids for a period of time, after which you will promote some or all of the items to in-person attendees with a live auctioneer.

Before Your Online Auction Period:

  1. In your Auction Settings, check the box for "Transition to in-person auction."

  2. Finalize your other Auction Settings and save.

  3. Complete any other auction setup, such as adding your items.

After Your Online Auction Period:

With Transition to in-person auction enabled, automatically disables online bidding at the end of your online auction period, but does not send invoices. This gives time for an auctioneer to present one or more auction items to your in-person audience, where they bid via paddle raise or other "offline" method.

Once you are done collecting "offline" bids, complete the following steps:

  1. Record all winning offline bids manually in your dashboard.

  2. Return to any tab on your Bid Report and click Close in-person bidding and send invoices to officially close your auction and send each winning bidder their invoice.

Once the online bidding period closes, the system will not place any more bids on behalf of bidders who placed max bids, even if the manually entered bid is less than the max bid.

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