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Add TravelPledge experiences to your online auction
Add TravelPledge experiences to your online auction's sister company TravelPledge partners with generous businesses to bring exciting vacations and more to your auction.

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Updated over a week ago's sister site TravelPledge partners with generous business owners to source unique experiences for your auction. You'll always keep at least 40% of the winning bid and have no obligation if the item doesn't sell.

TravelPledge experiences may be added directly to your online auction from your dashboard.

TravelPledge experiences are available only to 501(c)(3) nonprofits.

Identify Your Organization as a Nonprofit

If you are accessing through a TravelPledge dashboard, skip these steps.

  1. During your Stripe onboarding, select Nonprofit when identifying your organization type (other options are Company and Individual).

Alternatively, email with your organization's name, address, website, and EIN.

Select TravelPledge Experiences

  1. From your auction dashboard, hover over ADD AUCTION ITEM and select TravelPledge Experience.

  2. Browse vacations, golf and more. For any item you want to include, click Add.

Payment & Certificates

If a TravelPledge experience doesn't receive any bids or the winning bidder doesn't pay, you won't owe anything.

Once a winning bidder pays for a TravelPledge experience, automatically emails and texts them their certificate and redemption instructions. No action is required on your part.

If a winning bidder pays for a TravelPledge experience by cash or check, you will need to make electronic payment for the TravelPledge experience from your dashboard, and payment processing fees apply. Learn more about payment by cash or check

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