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Can we run a "test" online auction?
Can we run a "test" online auction?
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There is no dedicated "test event" option within However, you can see what things will look like for bidders.

Before proceeding, please note the following:

  • At your auction close time, closes bidding and sends invoices to the winning bidders. This process is irreversible. Meaning, once your auction closes, it is closed for good and you'll need to create a new event for your real auction.

  • If your auction is truly a test and you have no intention of opening your test event up for bidding to donors, please do not select any TravelPledge experiences (just upload your own, fake items). We report to our generous partners where they will be promoted, and we prefer to keep the reports clear of test events.

Create a test event

  1. Configure your Auction Settings and enter a few items. Specify an auction start time in the very near future so it passes soon.

  2. Register to bid via your Auction Site. You can do this before or after your auction start time.

  3. After the auction start time passes, browse and bid on items.

  4. Once you're done testing, go to the Bid Report and void any bids.

  5. Reset your auction start time to the actual time you want bidding to begin, or let the event close and set up a new event when you are ready.

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