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Pricing and Payouts

Learn how much you'll receive from your online auction.

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Pricing & Fees is free! We rely on optional tips from auction participants at checkout. Stripe's payment processing fee (2.9% + $0.30 per transaction) applies, though winning bidders may pay this fee for you at checkout.

Donated Items & Cash Donations

See how much you'll keep on items you procure on your own.

"Grillmaster Basket" (Donated Item)

Cash Donation

Winning Bid or Donation Amount



Processing Fee



Net Deposit

$1,000* or $970.70

$500* or $485.20

*Winning bidder covers processing during checkout.

TravelPledge Experiences

501(c)(3) nonprofits may auction experiences from's sister site TravelPledge at no risk if an experience doesn't sell.

For TravelPledge experiences that sell, you'll keep a percentage of the winning bid amount. Each experience displays a percent you'll keep, which will be 80%, 60%, or 40%.

Golf Foursome

(You keep 80%)

Ranch Adventure

(You keep 60%)

Greece Cruise

(You keep 40%)

Beach Vacation

Winning Bid




Did not sell

TravelPledge Fee





Processing Fee





Net Deposit

$400* or $385.20

$1,200* or $1,147.70

$3,200* or $2,967.70


*Winning bidder covers processing during checkout.

Payment by Cash or Check

If a winning bidder pays for a donated item by cash or check, rather than the emailed invoice link, then no processing fees apply. Simply fulfill the item and optionally mark the item as paid in

If a winning bidder pays for a TravelPledge experience by cash or check, you will need to make electronic payment for the TravelPledge experience from your dashboard, and payment processing fees apply.

5% Fee for Manually Charged Cards

Auction organizers may require bidders to enter a payment method prior to bidding, though winning bidders' cards will not be charged automatically.

We recommend giving winning bidders three days to pay their invoice on their own to minimize the risk of chargebacks. If they don't complete checkout on their own, you can manually charge their card from the bid report.

Charging the card as an organizer will incur an additional 5% fee (on top of Stripe's processing fee) that will be deducted from the net donation deposited to your organization's bank account. This covers's risk associated with bidder chargebacks.


Deposits to your organization's linked bank account will happen within 5 business days of each winning bidder's payment. Winning bidder payments that occur on the same day will be grouped into one deposit. Track payouts from the Bid Report.

The payment descriptor in your organization's bank account will be WINNINGBIDDER.

If your winning bidder files a dispute with their credit card company, will counter the dispute. If the winning bidder wins the dispute, your organization, as the merchant of record, is responsible for reimbursing for any payouts associated with the disputed charge.

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