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Add a bank account to receive the funds you raise
Add a bank account to receive the funds you raise partners with Stripe to process payments and deposit net funds.

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Bank Account

Add a bank account to to receive payments from winning bidders.

  1. In the Event Dashboard, click Auction Settings under the event name.

  2. Click Bank Account.

  3. Click Configure Payments and follow the prompts to configure a Stripe account.

  4. Return to the Bank Account page to enter bank account information for deposits.


Deposits to your organization's linked bank account will happen within 5 business days of each winning bidder's payment. Winning bidder payments that occur on the same day will be grouped into one deposit. The payment descriptor in your organization's bank account will be WINNINGBIDDER.

Track payouts from your dashboard:

  1. From the My Event tab, click Bid Report.

  2. Click Bank Deposits.

If your winning bidder files a dispute with their credit card company, will counter the dispute. If the winning bidder wins the dispute, your organization, as the merchant of record, is responsible for reimbursing for any payouts associated with the disputed charge.

Existing Stripe Account

There is no way to link an existing Stripe account to your online auction. The linked Stripe account is specially configured to receive your auction's net donation from You'll need to configure a Stripe account in for only your first auction.

Please note there is no Stripe dashboard for you to log into to see payments. Rather, payment status information is available within your dashboard.

Required Information from Stripe

Stripe asks for information about not only your organization but also you personally. This is due to US banking regulations. Read more here.

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