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Configure auction settings
Configure auction settings

Take advantage of's features designed to maximize your auction proceeds.

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Access Auction Settings

  1. In the Event Dashboard, click Auction Settings under the event name.

  2. Fill out your auction settings.

  3. Click Save.

Auction Settings



Event Name

The Event Name displays on your auction site and in system emails

About Your Auction

Describe your organization and the purpose of the auction, and display it to bidders at the bottom of each item page.

Auction Period

Set the time period during which your auction site will accept bids. Note: Once an auction ends, it cannot be re-opened.

Enable "Popcorn" Bidding

Prevent sniping by last-second bidders! Popcorn bidding extends bidding for an item past the auction close time until there hasn't been a bid for at least 10 minutes.

Transition to in-person auction

Take in-person bids after your auction close and back-enter them via the Bid Report. Then, release invoices when you are ready. Most events do not have this setting enabled. Learn more.

Auction Visibility and Promotion

If you have donated experiences that will appeal to a broad audience, will promote them to our national database of bidders. Plus, your bidders will have the chance to join our community of cause-minded shoppers. Learn more.

Donate Button

Display a "donate" button to bidders on your auction site. They may pay before your auction closes.

Card Requirement

Require bidders to enter a credit or debit card before placing their first bid. If a winning bidder doesn't pay their invoice, this setting gives you a backup option to charge their card for an additional 5% fee. Learn more.

Processing Fees

Allow winning bidders to cover your credit card processing fees on their transactions. They will be presented to option at checkout.

Sales Tax

We'll add this amount to the invoices of items that you designate as requiring sales tax and deposit it into your account. You are responsible for remitting sales tax to your local government. Learn more.

Organizer Contact Information

Bidders may message you via a form on the auction site.

Terms of Sale

Define the auction rules, which will display to bidders on your auction site.

Item Delivery

We’ll display these details within your Auction Details page and also in emails to winning bidders.

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