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Manage bids and more from the Bid Report
Manage bids and more from the Bid Report

View, add, and void bids, export auction data, and track payments from the Bid Report.

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Access the Bid Report

  1. From the My Event tab, click Bid Report.

  2. Click on the Bids tab.

Add a Bid Manually

If a bidder commits a bid to your outside of, say via an absentee bid form or paddle raise (if Transition to In-Person is enabled), you can manually add their bid via your dashboard.

Bids may not be added manually 14 days after your auction close.

  1. From the Bids tab, find the item for which you want to add a bid and click Manage.

  2. Click +Bid.

  3. Select a registered bidder or create a new bidder, enter the bid amount, and click ADD BID. The bid will be considered an exact bid, not a max bid.

Void a Bid, Mark an Additional Winner, Resend an Invoice, and More

  1. From the Bids tab, find the item for which you want to void a bid, mark an additional winner, or resend the invoice and click Manage.

  2. Click the three dot menu next to the bid you want to act on.

  3. Select your desired action (listed below).




Send Invoice

Resends an invoice via email to a winning bidder in case they don't see the invoice sent to them when the auction closed.

...for unpaid winning bids.

Mark Invoice as Paid

Marks an invoice containing only donated items as paid if, say, the winning bidder gave you a check instead of paying by the invoice link. If the winning bidder's invoice contains other items, then all items will be marked as paid.

You will be prompted to pay the winning bidder's invoice for them if the invoice contains a TravelPlege experience.

...for unpaid winning bids.

Charge Bidders' Credit Card

Charges a winning bidder's card on file for their entire invoice. Use this option as a backup in case the winning bidder doesn't pay on their own.

A 5% fee will be deducted from your net deposit, in addition to Stripe processing fees, to cover's increased risk of a disputed charge.

...for unpaid winning bids when the cards were required to bid.

Void Bid

Deletes the bid from the bidding record. This action is irreversible.

A voided winning bid does not automatically upgrade the second place bid to a winning bid. To do so, utilize the Mark as Additional Winner option.

...for any non-winning bid or unpaid winning bid during or after the auction.

Mark as Additional Winner

Upgrades a non-winning bid to a winning bid. This option does not downgrade any existing winning bid to a non-winning bid.

...for any non-winning bid of a donated auction item or a TravelPledge experience that allows multiple sales.

Resend Certificate

Resends a TravelPledge certificate via email to a winning bidder in case they don't see the certificate sent to them when they paid.

...for any paid winning bid of a TravelPledge experience.

View a Live Feed of All Bids

When you first enter the Bids tab, you'll see a table displaying the high bid for each item. You can instead view a live feed of all bids, which is great if you're having an auction watch party with your committee.

  1. From the Bids tab, click View all bids.

  2. To export all bids to a CSV file, click Export.

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