Auction organizers may choose to require bidders to enter a payment method prior to bidding.

Require payment method before bidding

  1. From the Event Dashboard, click Auction Settings.

  2. Check the box for Card Requirement.

  3. Click Save.

With the setting enabled, bidders will be prompted for their credit or debit card when placing their first bid.

Charging cards after the event

Even with the Card Requirement setting enabled, your winning bidders' cards will not be charged automatically. We recommend giving winning bidders three days to pay their invoice on their own to minimize the risk of chargebacks.

After your auction has been closed for three days, you can charge a winning bidder's card:

  1. From the Event Dashboard, click Bid Report.

  2. Next to an unpaid item, click Manage.

  3. Access the ... next to the unpaid item and choose Charge Winning Bidder's Card.*

*Charging the card as an organizer will incur an additional 5% fee (on top of Stripe's 2.5% + $0.30/transaction fee) that will be deducted from the net donation deposited to your organization's bank account. This covers TravelPledge's risk associated with bidder chargebacks.

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