TravelPledge Auctions is our simple online auction software. Auction TravelPledge experiences and other donated items, sell fixed-priced items and collect donations.

TravelPledge Auctions is not designed for in-person galas and does not support features like ticket sales. Consider an integrated partner for such features.

Who is eligible to use TravelPledge Auctions?

Employees and volunteers of 501(c)(3) nonprofits are eligible to use TravelPledge Auctions. Peer-to-peer fundraisers, however, are not eligible.

How much does it cost to use TravelPledge Auctions?

TravelPledge Auctions is free for nonprofits. We rely on optional tips from auction participants at checkout. Stripe payment processing fees (2.5% + $0.30 per transaction) apply.

How will we get the money we raise?

You'll create a Stripe account during auction setup. You'll see deposits, net of Stripe fees, within ten days of each donor's payment.

Can we charge sales tax to winning bidders?

Yes. You can specify a tax rate and the auction items to which the tax applies. Your nonprofit is responsible for paying their local government.

Can we use our existing Stripe account?

No. You must create a new Stripe account to use TravelPledge Auctions.

Set up your auction

Note: Currently TravelPledge Auctions is available only upon request. Email for more information.

Create your TravelPledge account and event

  1. Create your no-risk TravelPledge account here.

  2. Once you're in your TravelPledge dashboard, click Add Event Details.

  3. Enter basic event details and specify that you plan to use TravelPledge Auctions.

Configure auction settings

  1. From the Home tab, click Auction Settings.

  2. Fill out the auction settings and create your Stripe account.

  3. Visit the Partners form to list corporate donors to display on your auction page.

Add items to your auction

  1. Upload donated items from the Home tab by clicking Add Item.

  2. Choose to upload an auction item, fixed price item or cash appeal, or select from TravelPledge Experiences available to your event.

  3. Adjust any catalog numbers from the Home tab if desired.

Manage bids and monitor event stats

  1. From the Home tab, click Bid Report.

  2. Click Manage Bids to add and delete bids and re-send invoices on a specific item.

Bidding, payment & certificates

These are steps for donors to bid and pay. You do not need to complete these steps.

Create an account

Donors will visit your auction page, which is your nonprofit's shortname plus "". For example:

Donors are prompted to create an account with their name and email when they place their first bid. TravelPledge Auctions does not collect credit card information.

Place bids and purchase fixed-price items

Bidders can bid on auction items and commit to purchase fixed-price items any time between your auction start and end time. If you've enabled "popcorn" bidding, an item won't close until ten minutes since the last bid and after your auction close time.

Check out

After auction close, TravelPledge Auctions emails invoices to winning bidders and purchasers of fixed-price items. Upon payment, winners of TravelPledge items automatically receive their certificate and redemption instructions.

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