Step 1: Post nonprofit & event details

Create your risk-free account and post event details here. We'll verify your information and determine which items you qualify for. You'll receive a welcome email upon verification, though you may browse a subset of items in the meantime.

Step 2: Select experiences to auction or raffle

After posting your event, choose items to add to your auction or raffle from the My Event tab.

Auction Items

Add items to your auction at no risk if they don't sell. Our unique percentage model guarantees you generate a meaningful donation. We provide the starting bid and promotional materials to use for each item.

Raffle Items

Raffle items are available for a fixed price that you pay before your drawing. After adding raffle items to your cart, complete checkout to access the certificate from the My Event tab for printing and distributing to the winner.

Step 3: Sell your selections at auction

For your auction items, print or download promotional materials from the My Event tab. If you're running an online auction, load the information into your online auction system.

Step 4: Let us know what sold

After your event, log in to report winning bidders' contact information and bids. Upon payment, we'll email and text each winning bidder their certificate and the redemption instructions from the experience provider.

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