TravelPledge automatically generates bid sheets, flyers and thank you letters for TravelPledge items and lets you create promotional materials for your non-TravelPledge items.

Additionally, you may access a photo gallery for inclusion in your live auction or for any custom silent auction flyers.

  1. After selecting items for your auction or raffle, navigate to the Home tab.
  2. Within each experience selected, use the buttons to access the promotional collateral you need.

  1. Enter information about any non-TravelPledge items: (1) In the Home tab, click Event-To-Do List. (2) Click Upload Details of Other Donated Items. (3) Click Add another item to fill out details about the donated item.
  2. In the Home tab, click Print all.
  3. On the subsequent screen, click on the bid sheet, promo flyer, or additional details to open a PDF for printing.
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