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How do certificate holders redeem their certificates?
How do certificate holders redeem their certificates?
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Certificates contain instructions on how the certificate holder can contact the experience provider directly and book their vacation, tee time or other experience.

Each certificate is uniquely numbered, so the certificate holder simply needs to communicate the certificate number so the provider can mark it as redeemed.

Why is direct redemption the best model?

By connecting certificate holders directly with the experience providers, donors experience the best customer service. Not only do they avoid the unnecessary hoops common among "white glove" concierge services, they speak directly with the people who can help them extend their stay, add rooms or facilitate other accommodations.

Are there ever any issues with redemption?

Redemption issues are very rare. Sometimes things happen that are out of our control, like a natural disaster impacting an experience provider's ability to fulfill a certificate. Should an issue arise with redemption, please let us know and we'll be happy to mediate a satisfactory resolution.

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