No. There is no platform fee for TravelPledge Auctions, so you can launch your auction for free. Stripe fees and fees for selling TravelPledge experiences are deducted from deposits into your organization's bank account.

For example, suppose a supporter bought golf round that you sourced on TravelPledge for $500, as well as a signed football that was donated directly to you for $1,000. After the event, the supporter pays $1,500 through TravelPledge Auctions.

Stripes fees on the $1,500 are $37.80 (2.5% + $0.30). The TravelPledge experience fee on the golf is $100 (20% of the winning bid). These fees are deducted from the $1,500 payment so $1,362.20 is deposited into your organization's bank account.

There is never a situation where you'll use TravelPledge Auctions and send us money, with the rare exception when a winning bidder pays you by check for a TravelPledge experience.

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