Some experience providers allow you to sell their posted experience twice at your event. Experiences eligible to be sold twice will have a "2X" label on the photo.

When you complete checkout on a 2X item, we'll ask if you sold the item once or twice, and prompt you to enter each winning bidder.

We recommend that both winning bidders pay the same amount. If your winning bid amounts differ, enter the average of the winning bids during TravelPledge checkout.

Selling an Experience More Than Twice

Currently, we are working with select providers to allow their experience to be sold more than twice in a live auction. We will update this article once that is available.

We limit the number of times you may sell a particular experience to ensure other nonprofits can access the experience for their auction and to maximize the promotional benefit to our experience providers (more events = more promotion).

Online Auctions

Selling an item multiple times is not available when using one of TravelPledge's integrations with an online auction provider. When an event is synced to an online auction provider, in fact, we hide the 2X icon.

If you've already synced your event using a TravelPledge integration, you need to break the connection between your TravelPledge event and online auction before completing checkout. See here for instructions.

If you are are hosting an online auction and not using an integration, you are welcome to sell any 2X item twice. You'll complete checkout as stated above.

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