Integrated Partners

TravelPledge's integrations with industry-leading online auction solutions prevent manually loading items, which saves time and reduces error.

Click the link below corresponding to your online auction solution:

FAQ: How can I get my mobile bidding provider to integrate with TravelPledge?

"Easy Import" Solutions

If you're not using an integrated partner, you can export a CSV file with your selected TravelPledge experiences in the correct format for importing:

1. After selecting Travelpledge experiences, click Export All from the Home tab.

2. In the popup, choose your online auction solution from the dropdown and agree to display all of the details for each experience.

3. Click Export Experiences to download a CSV file of your selected experiences.

4. Additionally, access the photos for each experience and download them as well.

5. Upload your CSV file and photos to your online auction event. Below are instructions for some common solutions.

Note: We recommend you perform these steps after finalizing your TravelPledge selections. While you can add additional items later and re-export, you'll have to remove the items from the export that you've already imported in order to prevent duplicates in your online auction system.

Importing Not Your Thing? Copy/Paste Works Too

If you want to copy and paste item information in your online auction solution, simply click on the cloud icon for each selected experience...

Then, check the agreement to promote all the details of the experience...

Click the copy icon next to each field. This will copy the field's values which you can paste into your online auction solution...

Once you've copied an item's headline, description, restrictions and other details into your online auction, it's time to upload photos.

Access and download any photos using the photos button...

Then, upload the photos into your online auction.

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