TravelPledge partners with industry-leading online auction providers to deliver a seamless experience for organizers. Our integrations prevent manually loading items into your online auction system, saving time and reducing errors.

TravelPledge currently integrates with the following online auction providers:


See our article: Sync TravelPledge Experiences Into Your ClickBid Event

EVENT.GIVES (formerly Bidr)

See our article: Add TravelPledge Experiences to Your Event.Gives Event


You must already have Auction Maestro Professional to leverage our integration.

  1. Select experiences for your auction in TravelPledge.
  2. Get Auction Maestro Professional and open it.
  3. Open the TravelPledge Manager within Auction Maestro Professional.
  4. Click Have Account.
  5. Enter your TravelPledge domain prefix and TravelPledge Admin email address. Your domain prefix is the beginning part of your TravelPledge site's URL. For example, if your TravelPledge site's URL is, your domain prefix is charity.
  6. Click the Login to connect to your active TravelPledge event.
  7. Click Download Chosen Items to sync your selected TravelPledge experiences.
  8. After your event, document winning bid information in Auction Maestro Professional (i.e., winning bid and winning bidder contact info). This information automatically syncs to TravelPledge so we can prepare your invoice.
  9. Follow a link from TravelPledge to pay your invoice.

Note: You'll receive your invoice via email as soon as one of your synced TravelPledge items is marked as sold within Event.Gives.

If items that were previously marked as unsold (and hence were excluded from your invoice) are subsequently marked as sold, your unpaid invoice will update with the new items. If you had already paid your invoice, we'll send you a new invoice as soon as the additional item is marked as sold.

Other Mobile Bidding Providers

If your mobile bidding solution doesn't integrate with TravelPledge, you can export a CSV file from your TravelPledge dashboard.

  1. Select experiences for your auction in TravelPledge.
  2. From the Home tab, click Export all experiences.
  3. Agree to the popup stating you will use all promotional materials provided.
  4. Click Export Now.
  5. Load the CSV into your mobile bidding solution.
  6. Download any photos from the Home tab as well to upload.

FAQ: How can I get my mobile bidding provider to integrate with TravelPledge?

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