About TravelPledge's Experiences

TravelPledge connects your benefit auction to fun experiences from generous business owners. Find golf, B&B stays, wine samplings, luxury vacations and more.

Step 1: Sync Your TravelPledge and ClickBid Events

If you don't have a TravelPledge account:

  • Click Add Fun Experiences to Your Event from the Event Central tab in ClickBid. Then, follow the prompts to create your TravelPledge account.

If you already have a TravelPledge account:

Step 2: Select and Sync Experiences Within TravelPledge

Select experiences for your auction from the Use Items at Event tab. Then, click Sync with ClickBid from your My Event tab to send your selected experiences to ClickBid.

Your synced items will have a status of "Invisible" when they are loaded into ClickBid. To make them available for bidding, change their status to "Active" within ClickBid.

  • Note: After syncing your items, you may select additional items and re-sync. Also, all selected items will be synced automatically every night.

Step 3: Pay Your Invoice After Your Event

TravelPledge will automatically receive winning bid information for any TravelPledge items that sold. Your invoice will be available within your ClickBid dashboard.

Once your invoice is paid, winning bidders are automatically emailed their certificates, which contain redemption instructions.

  • Note: An invoice is available as soon as any TravelPledge item has a winning bid. If you sell additional items, your unpaid invoice will update with the new sales. If you already paid your invoice, we'll create a new invoice for the additional items.

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