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Receive payment and fulfill items in your TravelPledge Auction
Receive payment and fulfill items in your TravelPledge Auction
Learn how your organization will receive it's net donation and identify winning bidders for item fulfillment.
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Receive payment

Upon auction close, each winning bidder will be emailed a link to pay their invoice. When they pay, you will see the net donation deposited into your account within five business days.

How much will we receive?

Deposits to your bank account will be net of any Stripe fees (2.5% + $0.30/transaction) and fees for TravelPledge experiences.

For example, suppose your winning bid is $500 for a foursome of golf that you found on TravelPledge. Then, $12.80 in Stripe fees and $100 in TravelPledge experience fees will be deducted before a net donation of $387.20 is deposited into your organization's bank account.

There is no TravelPledge experience fee for donated items that you sourced outside of TravelPledge and uploaded into your TravelPledge Auctions event.

What if a winning bidder doesn't pay?

You won't owe any Stripe fees or fees for TravelPledge experiences if a winning bidder doesn't pay. Alternatively, you can void the winning bid and assign another bidder to be the winning bidder.

Fulfill items

Find winning bidder information so you know who has paid and how to fulfill items.

  1. From the Event Dashboard, click Bid Report.

  2. Click on Winning Bidders from the Bid Report to view a list of winning bidders and their contact information for item fulfillment.*

*Certificates for TravelPledge experiences are automatically emailed to winning bidders upon payment.

Report on funds raised

  1. From the Winning Bidders report (see above), click Export Winning Bidders.

  2. From the export, see winning bid information and any associated fees.

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