The bidding experience

Supporters register to bid on your auction site with their name and email address. They may then bid on auction items and commit to purchase fixed-price items. Upon auction close, TravelPledge Auctions emails invoices to winning bidders.

Monitor bidding activity

As the auction organizer, you can monitor bids during and after your auction period.

  1. From the Event Dashboard, click Bid Report.

  2. View the current winning bids and payment statuses.

  3. After your event, click on Winning Bidders from the Bid Report to view a list of winning bidders and their contact information for item fulfillment.*

*Certificates for TravelPledge experiences are automatically emailed to winning bidders upon payment.

Void bids, add bids, or mark a winning bidder

Sometimes you need to void or add bids if an online bidder makes a mistake.

  1. From the Event Dashboard, click Bid Report.

  2. Find the item for which you want to void or add a bid, and click Manage bids.

  3. Add a bid using the +Bid button or void a bid from the ... menu. You may also award the item to an additional winner if you have copies of the item to auction. An invoice will automatically be sent to any additional winner.

Voiding winning bids

If you void a bid from the current high bidder, the next highest bidder does not automatically become the winning bidder. For instance, the second place bidder may have bid on a different item once they were outbid on this item. You'll see all bids with a status of Did not win.

However, if previously non-winning bidder agrees to pay the amount they bid, you can identify them as the winning bidder to send them their invoice.

Please note that you cannot void the bid of any winning bidder who has already paid for the item.

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