Create your TravelPledge Auctions event

The instructions to create your event apply only if you already have a TravelPledge account. Otherwise, create your TravelPledge account here.

  1. Navigate to Other Events (under the My Event tab) and click Create New Event.

  2. Enter your event details, specifying you are running an online auction and plan to use TravelPledge Online Auctions.

  3. Click Create Event.

Convert an existing event to a TravelPledge Auctions event

If you've created your event already without specifying TravelPledge Auctions as your Online Auction Software, update your existing event to use TravelPledge Auctions.

  1. In the Event Dashboard, click the pencil icon next to your event name.

  2. Check the box to use TravelPledge Auctions.

  3. Click Save Event Details.

Add items to your auction

Add your own donated items, cash appeal, and TravelPledge experiences. There is no obligation to use TravelPledge experiences for your online auction.

  1. In your Event Dashboard, click Add Item.

  2. Choose from Donated Auction Item, Cash Appeal or Fixed Price Item, and TravelPledge Experience. See below for definitions.

  3. For Donated Auction Items, Fixed Price Items, or Cash Appeals fill out the popup form with your item details. For TravelPeldge Experiences, browse our experiences and click Add to Auction for experiences you want to include.

Donated Items

Donated items are items you want to include in your auction that you sourced outside of TravelPledge.

Cash Appeals or Fixed Price Items

Cash Appeals and Fixed Price Items are items that your supporters can commit to purchasing at a fixed price, without bidding. Specify the quantity of each item you have available for purchase.

TravelPledge Experiences

TravelPledge partners with generous business owners to source unique experiences for your auction. You'll always keep at least 40% of the winning bid and have no obligation if the item doesn't sell. Learn more

Configure auction settings

  1. In the Event Dashboard, click Auction Settings under the event name.

  2. Fill out your auction settings.

  3. Click Save.

Create a Stripe account to receive payments from winning bidders

You need a Stripe account linked to your TravelPledge dashboard to receive payments from winning bidders. Stripe fees of 2.5% + $0.30 per transaction apply to all funds processed from winning bidders.

  1. In the Event Dashboard, click Auction Settings under the event name.

  2. Click Bank Account.

  3. Click Configure Stripe Account and fill out the information about your nonprofit and yourself. Please note that you must be a representative for your organization authorized to create a Stripe account.

  4. Return to the Bank Account page to enter the routing number and account number of your organization's bank account. This is where the donations you generate will be deposited.

Access your auction site

You're all set! Now access your auction site to share with bidders. It will be the shortname you entered during signup plus ""

For instance:

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