TravelPledge provides your organization with a free year-round fundraising website so your supporters can purchase experiences. When a supporter purchases a certificate, a donation of up to 70% of the purchase price goes to your cause.

At any given time, there will be 3-4 experiences for purchase. The featured experiences will differ based on the location of your donor when they visit your fundraising site. This provides each donor with a local experience they can enjoy.

Additionally, the featured experiences rotate daily so donors will want to return to your Fundraising Site often throughout the year to see what's available.

Promote Your Year-round Fundraising Site

Your year-round fundraising site is simply your TravelPledge website:

<short name>

Replace "<short name>" with your nonprofit's short name that you provided during signup.

Many nonprofits link to their year-round fundraising site from their organization's website and share it with supporters via email. For a copy/paste email to send supporters, navigate to the Year-round tab in your TravelPledge dashboard.

Customize Your Year-Round Fundraising Site

From your TravelPledge dashboard

  1. Navigate to the Settings tab. Then click Site Configuration.

  2. Enter information about your organization, such as links to your website, photos and organizational description.

If you want to disable your year-round fundraising site, email

Receive Payment for Online Purchases

At the end of each month, Geronimo Solutions (TravelPledge's parent company) will mail a check to the address we have on file for your organization if any online purchases were made. To review your address:

  1. Navigate to the Settings tab. Then click Nonprofit Info.

  2. Review your address. If you need it changed, please email We must be able to verify the address on your homepage or Guidestar to mail a check.

The percentage of the purchase price that you keep will depend on the provider's settings who posted the certificates on flash sale. The percentage will be shown to your donors on your Flash Sale page, and it will always be between 35% and 70%.

Review Online Purchases

You can review purchases from the Year-round tab in your TravelPledge Admin Dashboard.

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