TravelPledge and Event.Gives have partnered to make it easy for organizers to procure fun experiences for their auction from within Event.Gives

Benefits of the TravelPledge & Event.Gives Partnership

  • Supercharge your auction results with exciting experiences
  • Save time and reduce error loading experiences into Event.Gives
  • Reduce the time it takes to get winning bidders their certificates after your event

About TravelPledge's Experiences

TravelPledge connects your benefit auction to fun experiences posted by generous business owners. Find local golf, B&B stays, wine samplings, luxury vacations and much more.

How much do TravelPledge experiences cost?

Your cost for a sold certificate is proportional to the winning bid amount. At a minimum, you’ll keep 80% of the winning bid for small-ticket experiences, like golf rounds, and 40% of the winning bid for big-ticket experiences, like vacations. There is no charge for items that don't sell.

The percentage you’ll keep and starting bid are displayed next to each TravelPledge experience displayed within Event.GIves.

See some examples to understand your cost on TravelPledge experiences

Leverage the TravelPledge & Event.Gives Integration

Step 1: Link Your TravelPledge & Event.Gives Accounts

Scenario 1: You already have a TravelPledge account and an Event.Gives account

Log in to Event.Gives and follow the prompts to link your account. You'll need your TravelPledge shortname to complete the linkage.

Scenario 2: You have an Event.Gives account but no TravelPledge account

Log in to Event.Gives and follow the prompts to create your TravelPledge your account. Once your TravelPledge account is created, it will automatically be linked to your Event.Gives event.

Scenario 3: You have a TravelPledge account but no Event.Gives account

From the Home tab within your TravelPledge dashboard, click Turn on Mobile Bidding. Find EVENT.GIVES in the list, and click Get Started! Follow the prompts to create your Event.Gives account.

Step 2: Browse and Reserve Experiences Within Event.Gives

Within your Event.Gives event, find the TravelPledge marketplace of items, and select the ones you want to include in your auction.

Note that the events you see may depend on your event location as specified within Event.Gives, so make sure to specify a location.

Step 3: Pay Your Invoice After Your Event

After a TravelPledge items you've selected within Event.Gives sells, you'll be emailed your invoice if at least one item sold. Items that subsequently sell will be added to that same invoice link so you can wait until all items close to pay the invoice.

Follow the link in the email to pay your invoice. Your invoice will be calculated based on winning bid information entered into Event.Gives.

Once your invoice is paid, TravelPledge will automatically email winning bidders their certificates, which contain redemption instructions.

Note: If you had already paid your invoice, and then you sell additional TravelPledge items, we'll email you a new invoice as soon as the additional item is marked as sold.

If for whatever reason you can't find your TravelPledge invoice in your email, you can access it from your TravelPledge dashboard under the Events tab. Find your event and click Pay Invoice.

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