TravelPledge lets nonprofits grant their auctioneer access to their TravelPledge events so the auctioneer can browse and select experiences. Since auctioneers work with multiple clients, TravelPledge makes it easy for auctioneers to access multiple nonprofits' TravelPledge events with a single login.

Step 1: Get Your Super User Login

As an auctioneer, you'll first need to be set up in TravelPledge with a free "Super User" account. Simply email, and we'll create your login credentials and send you further instructions.

Step 2: Have Your Clients Add You to Their Events

Next, you'll need your clients to add you as a fundraising professional to their TravelPledge events. If your client already has a TravelPledge account, they can reference the instructions here. Otherwise, they will need to create a TravelPledge account.

Feel free to copy and paste the email below to your clients:

Dear <contact name>,

I look forward to supporting your upcoming auction. I recommend we use a service called TravelPledge to aid our procurement. They partner with generous businesses who post fun vacations, golf rounds, cruises, and more for benefit auctions.

  1. If you don't already have a free TravelPledge account, please create one and post your event.
  2. Then grant me access to your event so I can help you find good experiences for your audience. Reference instructions here.

Let me know if you have questions, or feel free to contact TravelPledge directly.

Thank you,

Step 3: Log In to Your Super User Dashboard

Once a client has added you to their TravelPledge event, you will see it on your Super User dashboard. Access, then log in with the credentials you received in Step 1.

For further instructions about TravelPledge, reference our Quick Start Video.

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