Step 1: Get Your Super User Login

As an fundraising professional, you'll first need to be set up in TravelPledge with a free "Super User" account. Simply email with your name and company, and we'll create your login credentials and send you further instructions.

Step 2: Determine If Clients Should Receive Emails from TravelPledge

Once you have your Super User account, log in to, then go to Settings.

If your clients shouldn't receive emails from us (meaning, you are responsible for everything within TravelPledge, including checkout), choose the top option.

Otherwise, choose the the second options.

Step 3: Get Added to Your Clients' TravelPledge Events

If Your Client Doesn't Already Have a TravelPledge Account...

You can create a TravelPledge account for your client nonprofit.

  1. Log in to your Super User dashboard.

  2. Click Create New Event.

  3. In the popup, click Create a New Nonprofit.

  4. Enter information about the nonprofit.

  5. Then, let us know a contact at the organization. We will contact this person only if your settings indicate the should (see above).

  6. Finally, enter some information about the event and submit!

For nonprofits that you create, you can create and manage events for them on an ongoing basis.

If Your Client Already Has a TravelPledge Account...

Your client will need to add you to their event in TravelPledge, following these instructions. You'll have access only to the events they add you to, and you cannot create events for them.

Step 4: Log In to Your Super User Dashboard to Access Events

Once a client has added you to their TravelPledge event (or you created the account for them), you will see it on your Super User dashboard.

  1. Log in to your Super User dashboard.

  2. Click Manage this event.

For further instructions about TravelPledge in general, reference our Quick Start Video.

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