Before you start, check with your auctioneer if they have a "TravelPledge Super User" account. If they don't, email with the name of your auctioneer, and CC your auctioneer. We'll create login credentials for your auctioneer.

Once your auctioneer has their login credentials, you can grant them access to add TravelPledge experiences to your event.

  1. Create your TravelPledge event.

  2. From the My Event tab, click the pencil icon next to the name and date of your event.

  3. Find your auctioneer under Grant admin account access to a Super User.

  4. Click Save Event Details.

When your auctioneer logs in to (a special link for auctioneers), they'll be able to manage your event (see here for instructions for auctioneers).

For future events, you will need to repeat steps 1-4 since you are granting access to individual events, not your entire TravelPledge admin dashboard.

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