Golf courses and other experience providers use TravelPledge to manage the requests they receive from nonprofits.

Once you create an account, we’ll verify your information so you can access golf rounds, vacations and much more for your auction or raffle. See the TravelPledge Essentials to learn more.

Where can we access the certificate for the experience provider that referred us to TravelPledge?

You may have been re-directed to TravelPledge from an experience provider's website.

If this is the case, you may already see that business's donated certificate in your selected experiences on the Home tab. This happens automatically for organizations that are "pre-approved" by the generous business to promote their certificate.

Some experience providers manually review each donation request submitted through TravelPledge. By creating your account from a link on a provider's website, your request is automatically submitted to the provider. You'll receive an email with their response within 14 days.

Finally, if an experience provider referred you to TravelPledge via email or word-of-mouth, browse for the experience to reserve it for your event.

Once the experience is reserved for your event, access the promotional flyer, verbiage and photos from the Home tab and promote the experience at your event.

What will we owe if the certificate sells?

There is no TravelPledge fee on automatically added experiences after you are referred to TravelPledge from an experience provider's website.

In the case of small-ticket experiences, like golf rounds, this means that you won't owe anything if the experience sells. In the case of big-ticket experiences, like vacations, you'll owe up to 50% of the winning bid, all of which will go to the business that posted the partially-donated experience.

TravelPledge fees apply for any experiences you manually reserve for your event from the Use Items at Event tab.

For all TravelPledge experiences you promote at your event, we'll ask you to report the winning bid information after your event date so we can prepare your invoice and send the winning bidder their certificate.

Learn more about how much you'll owe on TravelPledge experiences.

Will we have to pay TravelPledge fees on this experience for next year's event?

Absent any changes by the experience provider to their donation settings, you may access this experience without TravelPledge fees for events every six months.

For example, suppose you have an event on January 1 where you promote a golf foursome that was automatically added to your event. After your event, you log in to TravelPledge to enter the winning bid information and owe no TravelPledge fees.

Then, you create a second event in TravelPledge for March 10 (less than six months after your first event. You will not see the same experience available for selection.

Finally, you create a third event for July 7 (more than six months after your first event). You can find the experience within TravelPledge to reserve it for your event. As with your first event, you won't owe any TravelPledge fees when a certificate sells.

What if we're running a raffle?

By default, automatically added experiences are added to your event as an auction item. You can convert it to a raffle item using the more button.

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