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Print or Resend a Winning Bidder's Certificate
Print or Resend a Winning Bidder's Certificate

Enter the wrong email address or certificate lost in their inbox? Send a certificate again to your winning bidder.

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TravelPledge emails each winning bidder their certificate upon checkout in TravelPledge. It's possible a winning bidder does not receive the certificate if you entered the wrong email address or the email was caught in a spam filter.

You can send a certificate to a winning bidder again with the following steps:

  1. Navigate to Other Events under the My Event tab.

  2. Click View Details next to the event where the certificate was sold.

  3. Click Print Certificates.

  4. To print the certificate to a PDF, click Print Certificate. To resend a certificate instead, click Resend (you'll be prompted to edit the email address).

Note: You will not be able to print a certificate if you still owe money for the sold item.

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