Why was my donation request rejected?
Some of our experience providers review each donation request made through TravelPledge and decide to approve or reject it.
Updated over a week ago

Your request may be rejected if your organization doesn't meet the experience provider's donation criteria. Additionally, many requests are rejected for reasons completely unrelated to your organization (e.g., the experience provider's budgeted allotment of certificates has been depleted).

Some experience providers post multiple experiences to TravelPledge (e.g., a 2-night stay and a 5-night stay). Even though you were rejected for one experience, you may see other experiences from the experience provider that you automatically qualify for or can request.

We understand it can be frustrating to have your donation request rejected. We encourage you to review all the experiences posted to TravelPledge that your organization does qualify for. Experiences your organization already qualifies for display an "Add to Auction" button rather than a "Request" button, which selecting experiences.

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